Al Bahr Towers

Completion: September, 2013
Built Up Area: 753,400 ft²
Market Sector: Office
Aedas as Consultant
AL-Futtaim Carillion as Contractor

The two 25-storey office towers are parametrically designed based on Islamic geometric mosaics, using the tessellation of simple shapes to drive the structure. the cylindrical forms maximize volume and floor-to-wall area while offering views in all directions, unfortunately, however, this also opens the interior to a very large solar gain factor which is a substantial problem in the extreme local climates. Reinterpreting the traditional wood-lattice screens called ‘mashrabiya’ using today’s technological abilities resulted in an outer skin system of triangular screens arranged in a series of scalable hexagons fold up to create a solid solar barrier. each of the 1000 panels is connected to a linear actuator which enables it to function in response to the position of the sun, effectively reducing heat gain and glare by 50% while giving Islamic vernacular a contemporary representation. the intelligent facade, together with solar thermal panels for hot-water heating and photovoltaic panels on the roof, minimize the need for internal lighting and cooling, altogether reducing total carbon dioxide emissions by over 1750 tons per year.

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