Al Hamra Tower

Completion: January, 2011
Built Up Area: 2,098,900 ft²
Market Sector: Commercial
SOM as Consultant

When it comes to supertall buildings, the structural demands increase as the building meets the ground. When a tower is loaded asymmetrically, the challenges multiply significantly. As the design of Al Hamra became more sculptural, it became clear that the gravitational loads on the concrete flare walls on the southwest corner would be greater than those on the north and southeast walls. In response, SOM engineers designed a 60-by-70-meter, 4-meter-thick raft made of reinforced concrete. Each of the 289 piles is between 20 and 27 meters long and is tailored to the specific load requirements at its respective location under the raft. The raft was constructed of 23,000 cubic meters of concrete, poured in 15 separate sections over a period of four months.

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